Des mecs à poils, des mecs au poil, pas tout à fait à poil: l'anthologie HAIR paraît chez Bruno Gmünder


                                                  Présentation de l'éditeur (en anglais)

The fashion dictate of our slick high gloss culture in the last two decades looked down upon male body hair. Well shaved and trained was the common ideal that almost every man had to face. And gay men who decided to keep their chest unshaved were simply categorized as “bears”. But the times they are a-changin’! Therefore today we say YES to natural growth of hair! Our anthology HAIR—260 pages strong—is dedicated to the man that mother nature once created so brilliantly: masculine and sexy, muscular and hairy! And of course you can find a lot of men who truly deserve to be called bears on these pages.

Photographers and graphic artists present their individual and always very special view on the hairy world of hunks. Drawing legends such as Tom of Finland and Fred Bisones are featured as well as Tom Bianchi, Jeff Palmer, Joe Oppedisano and Dylan Rosser—each of them a top seller in the genre of male nude photography. We compiled several works of altogether 48 artists to light out every single facet of this hairy topic. HAIR is an anthology for everyone who just shrugs the shoulders when the epilated Adonis appears in the aftershave commercial, for everyone, who rather follows the call of the wilderness than the mainstream. Are you ready, guys? Let it grow!




260 pages, full color & duotone

image-wrap hardcover

6 ¾ x 9" / 17 x 22,5 cm


US$ 43.99 / £ 24.99 / € 24,95

CHF 43,80 / AUS$ 63.99

May 2010


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