Ilga Europe se présente en vidéo: different voices, one european mouvement

Different voices, One European movement - video by and about ILGA-Europe from ILGA-Europe on Vimeo.

The aim of this video is to provide a simple and clear explanation of what is ILGA-Europe, how it works and why there is a need for such an organisation.

This video was filmed during the 13th Annual Conference of ILGA-Europe in October 2009 which took place in Malta. The annual conference is a great setting for making such a video as this is the organisation’s largest annual event gathering together its members, allies and partners.

As ILGA-Europe works for equality and human rights for LGBTI people at European level, in this video we explain in an accessible way our work with the various European organisations. We also explain the methods we use in our work.

The video highlights the importance of the membership base to ILGA-Europe. ILGA-Europe brings together very diverse member organisations from across Europe and they play an important role in determining the organisation’s strategies and priories. This video also gives specific examples on how our members benefit from being part of ILGA-Europe and what ILGA-Europe can do for its members.

Additionally, this video is a simple way to visualise the state of play regarding equality and human rights for LGBTI people in Europe. It highlights the advances in Europe made so far as well as challenges ahead.

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