A propos du projet philippin I AM NOT IMMORAL

IANIcover-300x269Vous avez pu visionner il y a peu sur ce site la video philippine I am not immoral 2. Les promoteurs de cette video ont bien voulu nous en envoyer la présentation, ce qui la remet précisément en contexte. La voici à nouveau, précédée d'une première video, avec cette fois, une explication détaillée de la problématique et du projet.


                                The 'I AM NOT IMMORAL!' Photo and Video Project, through the collaboration and creative inspiration brought by indie filmmaker-producer Jethro Patalinghug and celebrated fashion photographer Niccolo Cosme, is partly in response to the discriminatory and bigoted decision of the Commission on Elections on the application of Ang Ladlad LGBT Party to join the May 2010 National Elections. However, more than this, the Project is a proactive measure to raise Filipino consciousness about the stigma, discrimination and violence against lesbians, gays, bakla, bantut, bayot, bisexuals, tomboy, transgenders, transsexuals, intersex and other sexual and gender minorities in the Philippines and to mobilize the LGBT community and its supporters into action against the wrong, unjust and discriminatory views against LGBT people. The Philippines does not have laws criminalizing same-sex desire and conduct but despite the provision of the separation of Church and State, the former, specifically the Catholic Church, has managed to greatly influence public policy to the detriment of sexual and gender minorities. Contrary to popular belief, there is only 'seeming tolerance' for LGBTI Filipinos and discrimination exists, is 'silent' and is compounded by many factors including sexism, heteronormativity, poverty and religious intolerance and most recently by religious fundamentalism. The main struggle of LGBT Filipinos is on changing the wrong and unjust perceptions about them. In this modern era many, including health professionals, still believe that sexual and gender minorities are either mentally disordered, freaks of nature, immoral or sinful people. And the I AM NOT IMMORAL Project focuses on the immorality issue while involving the community in educating Philippine society.

The 'I AM NOT IMMORAL' Photo and Video Project is one of the many strategies and campaigns by TEAM PILIPINAS to strengthen and cultivate a culture of equality and non-discrimination in the country. Together with our close monitoring and attendance at hearings of the Anti-Discrimination Bill, which has been pending in Congress for the past decade, we have also created a United Nations-level campaign to Affirm the universality of human rights and protect the equal human rights of Filipino LGBTIs and other SGMs. For now and due to constraints in resources, the campaign is mainly based online and one can sign up at facebook causes: http://www.causes.com/affirmuniversalityofHumanRights... or at petitionsite: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/affirm-the-universality-... to help us convince the Permanent Mission of the Philippines to the UN to sign statements that promote and protect the equality in dignity, rights and freedoms of LGBT people and other sexual and gender minorities. 

We invite you to support and promote our other campaigns on the equal human rights of LGBTIs and other SGMs in the country. More power to both our organizations. For more info on what TEAM PILIPINAS does, you can check out our website at http://diversityandequality.ph

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