If I were gay, par le comique Stephen Lynch

L'excellent comique Stephen Lynch avec une chanson gentiment moqueuse.

Les paroles

Here we are
Dear old friends
You and i drunk again
laughs have been had
tears have been shed
maybe the whisky has gone to my head
but if i were gay
i would give you my heart
and if i were gay
you'd be my work of art
and if i were gay
we would swim in romance
but im not gay
so get your hand out of my pants

its not that i dont care
i do
i just dont see myself in you
another time another scene
i'd be right behind you if you know what i mean
coz if i were gay
i would give soul
and if i were gay
i would give you my whole... being
and if i were gay
we would tear down the walls
But I'm Not gay
so wont you stop cupping my Ba... Hand

we've never hugged
we've never kissed
i've never been intimate with your fist
you have opened brand new doors
get over here and drop ... your ... Drawers


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