Carol Ann Duffy, première femme nommée «poète royal», est aussi ouvertement lesbienne


                                           Carol Ann Duffy

Le titre de « poète officiel de la cour » décerné par la reine Elizabeth II vient d’être attribué pour la première fois en plus de trois siècles d'existence à une femme, Carol Ann Duffy. La poétesse de 53 ans, ouvertement lesbienne, succède à Andrew Motion, détenteur de ce titre prestigieux depuis 1999.

Voici ce qu'elle a déclaré depuis sa nomination:

"Sexuality is something that is celebrated now we have civil partnerships and it's fantastic that I'm an openly gay writer, and anyone here or watching the interviews who feels shy or uncomfortable about their sexuality should celebrate and be confident and be happy.

"It's a lovely, ordinary, normal thing."

“It's not a job. I have been able to relinquish myself from any financial commitment by giving the money to the Poetry Society to establish a prize so I'll just continue reading my poems and writing my poems as I always have.

"Poetry matters to people in this country, poetry is a place we can go to for comfort, celebration, when we're in love, when we're bereaved and sometimes for events that happen to us as a nation.

"Poetry comes from the imagination, from memories, from experience, from events both personal and public so I will be following the truth of that and I will write whatever needs to be written." (Source: Pinknews)

Plus d'infos sur la poétesse en cliquant ici et ici (infos en anglais)

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