Grand concours de baisers gays: 1OOOO dollars à gagner


Le biggaykisscontest est un concours pour la meilleure ( et la plus chaude) video de baiser gay, organisé par le site Interactive Male. Il y a 10000 dollars à gagner. Pour participer, il faut présenter une video de deux gars (ou plus) qui s'embrassent. la meilleure video remportera les dix mille dollars.  Et chaque vidéo participante reçoit d'
office 5 dollars! Que veut le peuple?



Voici les règles (en anglais)

Take a video or photo of two or more guys kissing!
Grab your camera! Grab your phone! Grab your partner or the nearest guy, and pucker up!

Enter here before October 31, 2009.
Best video walks away with a cool $10K! Prefer to submit a photo? No problem! Every month, we’ll give away a webcam for best picture.

  • Spread the word!
    Get everyone you know to rate and comment on your entry, post it to their favorite sites and share it with friends!

  • Feel good about yourself!
    Interactive Male will donate $5 for every video and $1 for every photo to Marriage Equality USA, to support marriage equality for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Your entry can help change the world!

So take action and get some action! Lock lips for liberty and show us the love!

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