L'art brut de Michael Patterson-Carver

J'ai découvert l'oeuvre de Michael Patterson-Carver en visitant hier la foire d'art contemporain Art Brussels. Patterson-Carver est un artiste américain écorché vif dont les cris artistiques dénoncent les nombreuses injustices de l'Amérique contemporaine, et notamment les discriminations dont sont victimes les personnes gay et lesbiennes. Voici quelques dessins qui évoquent sa revendication égalitaire pour les droits civiques, et notamment pour le droit au mariage des personnes du même sexe, ou encore les manifestations pour conscientiser la population et les politiciens à propos de l'urgence d'un réel financement de la recherche sur le  sida.

Michael Paterson Carver

Michael Patterson-Carver
Same Sex Marriage, 2007
Ink and pencil on paper
9 x 12 in / 22.8 x 30.5 cm
Collection Christopher Griffin, Portland


                                                                           Michael Patterson-Carver, AIDS Awareness Demo, 2008.
Ink and pencil on paper
Collection of Stéphane Janssen
Photography by Alison Brady.




Dodging the christian stick 2009

Ink and pencil on paper 38X50 cm

Galerie Sorry we're closed Brussels



1. Born 1958, Chicago, United States/Lives and works in Portland, Oregon

After his exposure to civil rights protesting as a child, Michael Patterson-Carver has been committed to create works that engage in a personal form of political activism. Slightly naïve, always strangely obsessive, Patterson-Carver’s color drawings of picketing and political protests paint a small history of dissent that is simultaneously comical, ironic, and profoundly human. Most recently the artist has started a series of drawings that read like allegories of destruction or chronicles of complex conspiracy theories often starring George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden.

2. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1958, Patterson-Carver lives and works in Portland, Oregon, where he first started presenting his works on the streets.

I was born in Chicago, on July 9th, in 1958. My mother’s heroin addiction led to estrangement from her family, and, when I was 5 years old, she gave me to a family that she felt could give my sister and me a future. One result of this was that one of my earlier childhood memories is of standing in the an African-American church during the civil rights struggle (1962 or so). This turned out to be one of the most influential and formative experiences of my youth. I have spent a lifetime involved in political activism-working for causes ranging form protecting the environment to social justice including, of late opposition to the “Patriot Act” (so-called), and opposition to the BUSH REGIME. In
the course of my life and activism, I have learned a few things- including the fact that in order to succeed at anything the first step you must take is to BELIEVE. This is the reason that everyone in my demonstration scenes is smiling- they are confident of success. The future is not something that just happens to us- we are in the act of creating it as you read this. Let’s make it a good one

Plus d'infos: adressez-vous à la galerie Sorry we we're closed qui présente l'artiste à Art Brussels (rue de la Régence, 65 A, 100O Bruxelles, Belgique, tél : OO325380818). Site web de la galerie: http://www.sorrywereclosed.com/

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